Recreational PWC Theory

Learn the basics of jet skiing; from preparing your PWC to learning the Maritime 'rules of the road'

We are proud to have been sharing our boating adventures with visitors to the Wanaka region for over 50 years. Following this experience and our core value around safety, we have decided to share our knowledge from years on the water to make your boating experience not only safe now; but something you can continue to do for years with your friends and family. While there are no actual boat licences in New Zealand there are some pretty hefty fines and consequences for failing to know Maritime Laws and not following them.

Recreational PWC Theory

This course is designed for recreational jet skiers and crew, including those new to boating. It covers general knowledge required to operate a pleasure craft in favourable weather/water, at an introductory level.

  • Covers the introduction of a jet ski, its parts, safety equipment and basic handling techniques.

  • Learn how to prepare for a day on the water and what you need to do prior to going out.

  • Look into your obligations as a skipper including Maritime Rules to make sure you're safe out on the water.

  • Learn how to deal with emergencies and how to protect on marine environment.

Course Overview

  • 1

    Personal Watercraft

    • What Is a PWC?

    • Parts of a PWC

    • Recommended Equipment

    • PFDs

    • Signalling Equipment

  • 2

    Before you head out

    • Before You Go Out on Your PWC

    • Pre Launch Checks

    • PWC Safety Practices

    • Fueling a PWC

  • 3

    On the water

    • Starting Procedures/Lanyard Use

    • Steering a PWC

    • Re Boarding & Capsize

    • PWC Safety: Stay Aware of Traffic

    • PWC Courtesy

    • Avoid Jet Stream Injuries

  • 4

    Know the Maritime Rules

    • Skipper Obligations

    • Distance & Speed Regulations

    • Rules for Encountering Other Vessels

    • Buoys and Beacons

    • Navigation Lights and Sounds

    • Life Jackets

    • Know you Bylaws

    • Collision Prevention Quiz

  • 5

    Environment and Emergencies

    • About the Environment

    • Guidelines for doing your Part

    • Oil Spills

    • Emergencies

    • Making a MAYDAY call

    • Reporting Accidents etc

    • Using knots

    • On the water quiz

  • 6


    • Part 1 Exam

    • Part 2 Exam